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Downunder is the perfect travel destination for anyone who loves nature and adventures, and who wants to get in touch with a friendly, welcoming culture and community.
People of all ages and from all backgrounds travel to Australia or New Zealand to discover the beauty of the country and its laid-back lifestyle. There are many ways to explore it! We will help you to prepare your individual trip to create some everlasting memories without unwanted surprises. Learn more about travel opportunities, New Zealand’s culture and landscapes, its climate and weather, and prepare yourself with one of our products that will make the start of your adventure a lot easier. Find all the answers to your burning questions on our website!

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Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch – New Zealand’s cities are unique and amazing. It is here that you will meet friendly and open-minded people! Divided into North and South Island, New Zealand offers lots of different landscapes, from beautiful beaches to stunning mountains and forests. Start exploring!
The North Island tends to be the more “European like” part of the country, offering beautiful forests and breathtaking beaches along both coastlines. Discover giant Kauri trees, volcanic landscapes and lots of mountains to hike up for some stunning views. Learn to snorkel, dive and surf while relaxing and sunbathing at one of the beaches with white (or black volcanic) sand. The country’s capital Wellington is a Mekkah for every art and culture lover and awaits you with great restaurants, bars and night life.

The South Island is larger in size, but more isolated and definitely less populated. Here you can explore nature in a calm and inspiring way. With the Southern Alps as one of the main attractions, you can enjoy skiing, winter sports and hiking. You will find mountains and rough nature, but also buzzing cities like Christchurch and Queenstown. Remember, the South might always be a bit colder than the North, where you can enjoy a warm subtropical climate all year round.

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