Create a Moment Ltd. was founded back in 2014 with the purpose of sharing and offering travel experiences for backpackers in New Zealand. Over the last four years we have expanded and partnered up with travel experienced people and companies around the world. Now we can offer you the best support with our high quality packages to make your trip to New Zealand unforgettable!
The Homepages will expand within the next months, offering you a wide range of packages to start into your New Zealand and Australia adventure. Whether you want to explore the countries as a backpacker or just travel around with a campervan: We are here to support your trip and help you get started!

No Distance Is too Far

Explore Down Under with a campervan, use inland flights to get around or explore the magnificent landscapes simply with your backpack and via local transport. Learn more about your travel options on our website!

WE Got You Covered

pure nature

Explore the pure nature of New Zealand. We can tell you where the best spots and beaches are. All you need to do is get in touch.

Lodges & Hostels

Where are the newest and cleanest places to stay? Take a look at our websites to find out.

Epic journeys

One year, 3 months or even less time to travel. Our service section tells you which way to go, where and how to get a job and how to survive.

We connect you

We work together with a lot of other businesses down under. We always have the right connection for you.

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