Meet Our team

Andre Kollai

Company Director

Andre Kollai came to New Zealand in 2005 as a German backpacker. After travelling the country he decided to stay and spent many years in Auckland. He is now regularly travelling back and forth between both countries. His background is in mechanical engineering and he worked in the high voltage industry in Auckland for 10 years. In 2011 he started his project Work Travel Fun NZ which mainly helps backpackers to get a good start in New Zealand. More projects followed until Create a Moment was born.

Mara Schneider

Assistant / Writer

Mara Schneider is a former journalist and a passionate writer and has worked for various newspapers and online news portals. She came to New Zealand as an Au Pair in 2010. Originally from the same town in Germany as Andre, she now lives in Whangarei, New Zealand, where she works as an Early Childhood Teacher. Mara is in charge of the legal side of the business and acts as an adviser for the company. She is also the main writer and contributes to our various websites.

Julian Lea

Customer Service / Designer

Julian Lea is the co-founder of Eyevom Films. He is a professional web designer and developer. In 2017 he traveled New Zealand as a backpacker which was his first main overseas experience. He instantly fell in love with New Zealand’s unique scenery and the hospitality of the people. It was there and then that he decided to start a website to help other backpackers by providing them with useful information. He is based now in Zuerich, Switzerland, and operates from there.

Simon Yip


Simon Yip is a young account manager based in Auckland, New Zealand. He is the founder of YIP Associates and helps startups with good knowledge and legal advice. He is responsible for all the accounting at Create a Moment.

Diana Boehm


Diana Boehm is a young and innovative designer from Leipzig, Germany. She collaborates with Andre on a lot of projects and is an adviser for the design of our websites. She also is one of the founders of the Delta Studios Co-working space in Leipzig.

Lea Inselmann


Lea Inselmann is a young writer based in Leipzig, Germany. She studied Cultural and Media Management as well as Creative Writing and helps fill our page with informative and creative content. She has written numerous travel blogs and articles and loves New Zealand.

Do you need advice?

If you need advice or have questions regarding your adventure we can help you get the right information for your trip and team up with the right people. While our main focus in on New Zealand, we are currently extending our packages to Australia with future plans to expand into Canada and Japan! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your queries.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world. With historic landmarks and stunning landscapes it’s a country you should definitely visit at least once in your lifetime.

Australia is the sixth largest country by land area. It is world famous for its wide open spaces and natural wonders, its deserts, beaches, the bush, and of course the Outback.

When you decide to explore New Zealand or “Down Under” via Work and Travel, we want to make sure you know how to get around hassle free while you travel. Most recommended for travellers who don’t want to trouble themselves with renting or buying a Van/Camper are New Zealand’s and Australia’s networks of long distance buses. Whether you prefer “hop on hop off”, guided adventure tours or an all-inclusive option: there is something to suit everybody’s needs and budget.

Best Hostels

Are you wondering where to book your hostel? We know where the best ranked hostels and camping grounds are and will help you choose what suits your needs!

Best Starterpacks

If you need help during your first days after your arrival in New Zealand or Australia please contact us!

Get The Best Flight

It’s always hard to compare airlines, find out where to get the best prices and where they are flying to and fro. We can help you find a good flight individually designed for you.

Best Deal For Rentals

Do you want to get the best deals in down under? No worries! We will help you compare prizes and find the best deal for renting a campervan.

Best Deal For Camper Sales

Are you planning on staying in New Zealand or Australia for more than 2 months? We can help you find a camper to get you around. Check out our Pre-Sale option!

Best Activities

You don’t know what to explore while in down under? What activities do you want to try? We can help you make the best decisions based on your profile and budget.

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